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Grade Replacement Application

· Grade Replacement applications will not be accepted until you are scheduled for the course being repeated.

· Grade replacement applications must be submitted prior to the last day of the course being repeated.

· You will be notified through your CEC email account if your application is accepted or denied.

· The grade of the original course will not be removed from the GPA calculation until after the new grade has been submitted at the end of the semester.

· Completed applications must be submitted online and must have a valid CEC Email address listed.

 · If a Grade Replacement Application is denied for any reason, students must subsequently re-submit a new Grade Replacement Application once the respective denial issue is resolved.

Applications will not be accepted until the student is scheduled for the course being repeated. 

To use grade replacement, the student must submit a Grade Replacement Application to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the courses being repeated. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.  

You will be notified through your CEC email account once your application has been approved or denied. 

The Grade Replacement Policy applies to CEC College Prep and College courses that are letter-graded (A-F). The courses must be the same (both Prefix and Number) and both courses must be taken through CEC. Pass/Fail grades are excluded. 

Grade replacement can be used for completed courses, regardless of previous grade earned, except for an "I".  Applications will not be accepted for courses with an incomplete (I) grade. 

The most recent letter grade (A-F) attained for a course repeated under grade replacement will count toward the cumulative GPA, even if the most recent grade is lower than the grade being replaced. 

If a student applies for grade replacement and receives a mark of “W” in the second attempt of a course, the attempt does not count as the grade replacement opportunity and the original grade will stand. 

All occurrences and letter grades of a course are recorded on the transcript. 

Courses are counted one time only in the total credits towards graduation.

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