SAT - April 13 - 11th Grade Action Requested

On April 13, 2021, all 11th graders will take the SAT during a school day administration. Eleventh graders who want to add the optional essay to their SAT registration must do so during the window of January 18 - February 16. During this window, students can add the optional essay to their SAT registration through their College Board account online ( or by calling the College Board at 866-917-9030 (Option 2). Students who wish to take the SAT with Essay are encouraged to register as early in the window as possible in case they run into a problem with their registration that takes time to resolve (forgotten College Board account credentials, new student to the state, etc.) as these circumstances will not extend the registration window. If students take no action during this window, they will automatically be registered for the SAT without the essay. For more information regarding the SAT with Essay, please visit the College Board here.