Meet the CECI Head of School

Jay Egger

Each student matters! 

Welcome to Colorado Early Colleges, Inverness. My name is Dr. Jay Egger and I’m honored to be your Head of School.  As a family man and as an educator, in many capacities, for over 16 years I have come to believe that education has the responsibility to remove barriers from students’ effort to find a passion and excitement for learning. This passion is coupled with effective problem-solving skills that stem from diversity, equity and inclusion.

Colorado Early Colleges— Inverness ensures that each student is achieving and growing academically and personally by encouraging them to explore every option. We dedicate every resource to ensure our students are prepared to enter an ever changing, complex and competitive world with confidence and the skills necessary to make positive contributions.

Properly preparing our students to enter this demanding world begins with meaningful engagement with our families, our community, and our other varying stakeholders where together we provide our students with a broad support system so that they can begin to confidently explore and build their own understanding about, and solutions to, 21st century complexities.

This preparation necessitates a culture that is safe, inclusive, challenging, engaging, and vibrant—where students are encouraged to question, explore, flourish, and innovate, and where students are challenged and mentored by experienced teachers that use state-of-the-art technology and equipment.  

What makes CEC unique, besides saving each family nearly $30,000 in college expenses, is that we truly do focus on the individual student by offering them the ability to explore, or actively pursue, their interests through our university and career pathways, and through our homeschool enrichment and exceptional student services opportunities. Our integrated and purposeful relationships with our industry, college, and university partners offers our students a large range of diverse, debt-free degrees and industry-recognized certificates, all while simultaneously earning their HS diploma.   

We are so excited to open our doors in August of 2020 and to show off our beautiful building, our state-of-the-art scratch kitchen, our numerous student collaboration areas, our science and innovation labs, our robotics equipment, our music facilities, our arts classrooms, and our awesome exterior recreational space.

The dedicated faculty and staff at CEC Inverness are thrilled to help students explore our career pathways, focused on Health Services, Informational Technology, STEM, and Business.

Together, we strive to positively impact lives and communities by having a school that all can take pride in and where our students can innovate, collaborate, and explore unique solutions to realistic 21st century complexities and be prepared with the skills to thrive and live happily.

We are all here to help and support your entire family on this exciting high school journey.

No exception, No excuses!