Just for Homeschoolers

At CECI, we welcome the homeschool community and offer part-time or full-time options. The part-time option is for students who wish to complete a high school diploma through their homeschool program while supplementing their curriculum with college classes (up to 6 credits per semester). If you enroll as a full-time student, all of your homeschool high-school classes will be transcribed to a CECI transcript and you will fulfill CECI's graduation requirements and receive a high school diploma from CECI. Refer to the Part-Time/Full-Time page for more information.


To read all about our three opportunities for homeschoolers visit the Homeschool Options Overview page.

3 Homeschool Options


Important information for the enrollment process:


We will only accept homeschool transcripts that are submitted on our homeschool transcript template
(available here).


Enrolling as a part-time student?

If you are enrolling as a part-time student, please upload your transcript using our template. While we will not oversee your high school graduation requirements, we will use your transcripts to help us place your student in the correct grade level and in advising you in your college class selection.**

Enrolling as a full-time student?

At time of enrollment, we understand your student is probably amid spring classes. Please use our homeschool transcript template to submit a preliminary transcript of your high school classes, grades, and credits for schoolwork completed and in progress.  

  • You have until July 30th to submit a final transcript with final grades and credits for any in-progress classes from the spring semester.
  • We allow only one final homeschool transcript submission. So, be sure to include all homeschool instruction with final grades and credits.
  • For classes that were taken in sequential order, e.g. Spanish I, Spanish II, etc. Please clearly indicate the level of each class.
  • Do not include courses taken at other institutions on your homeschool transcript. We will need a transcript directly from those institutions.
  • Refer to our graduation requirements for more information about course policies.

Minimum Age Requirements

The Colorado Department of Education outlines minimum age requirements for each grade. A student entering 9th grade must be at least 13 years old by October 1st of the fall semester. Click here to see the complete age/grade requirements outlined by the CDE.


**If you start as a part-time student and wish to become a full-time student the following year, you will be asked to submit your official transcripts at that time. We only allow one homeschool transcript submission. So, be sure to include all homeschool instruction with final grades and credits earned.