Dean's List

scrollTo recognize and reward students who demonstrate excellence in their classes, CECI will be rolling out a Dean's list. Full-time students with a 3.80 unweighted semester GPA, or above, at the end of each semester will be placed on the Dean's list. Eligible students must be full time and enrolled in at least 4 classes (defined as 4 high school periods, 4 college classes, or any combination) or be enrolled in at least 10 college credits. Eligible students must pass all classes and have no behavioral or academic integrity violations.


Honoring students by unweighted GPA recognizes students’ excellence in their classes wherever they are, whether they are in high school or college classes. Students on the Dean's list will be recognized in the weekly newsletter.


The CECI Dean’s list is aligned with Colorado Early Colleges' updated policy which was approved by the CEC board on August 1, 2018, and is effective immediately.


The Fall 2020 Dean's List will be published in January 2021.