Parking and Drop Off/Pick Up Protocol

Colorado Early Colleges Inverness (CECI) is committed to student safety, efficient on-site traffic management and modeling “good neighbor” behavior to our Douglas County community surrounding our new High School at 321 Inverness Drive South. 


CECI will manage all traffic flow on site by directing traffic with trained CECI staff members who will communicate via radios and are easily recognizable in yellow safety vests.  


A diagram of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) indicating directional traffic flow, drop-off and pick-up zones is located below.  


The CECI property is to be used for all pick-up and drop-off of students for the school year, school events and on-site parking. CECI’s TMP has been developed and will be monitored by a traffic management team that includes the CECI Executive Director, the CECI Head of School, the CEC Director of Safety and Security, CEC’s traffic engineer consultant as well as a dedicated number of CEC staff who will be trained to execute the CEC TMP. 


The CECI TMP is a living document, developed in consultation with Douglas County engineering staff and will be reviewed on an annual basis for improvements.  


CEC Inverness Start and Release Schedule 

Start time is 8:00 am 

Release time is 2:55 pm 


As an early college, CECI students take classes at partner Community Colleges, and travel to the Community Colleges throughout the day as their schedule dictates. Typically,  30% of CEC High School students attend classes off campus full time. This portion of the CECI student body will have little to no traffic impact on the 321 property.   


Parent/Student Vehicular Traffic Flow 

  • All traffic will enter the site form Inverness Drive East. The drive from Inverness Way South will be blocked with traffic cones. 
  • All drivers will be directed through the site where ample stacking of vehicles is facilitated. Parents will be allowed to park, if desired, but the only viable path to exit the site will be to follow the traffic flow of the TMP. Vehicle paths not conforming with the TMP will be blocked with cones and monitored by on site the TMP team.  
  • Student drop-off is facilitated with a wide sidewalk directly in front of the school where students are off-loaded or picked-up. Vehicles that are ready to leave can pull into the adjacent one-way travel lane and proceed directly east to exit the site onto Inverness Drive East.  
  • Right entry into the site and right turn exit from the site will be encouraged. 


CECI Bus Traffic Flow 

  • CEC buses enter from a separate dedicated drive north of the parent site entry, also off Inverness Drive East.  
  • Busses will pick-up/drop-off students adjacent to the north side of the school.  
  • Buses will travel on the perimeter of the faculty parking lot to exit the site using the same dedicated drive north of the parent site entry, also off Inverness Drive East. (Buses enter and exit the site from the same point). Busses arrive on site prior to the start of parent drop-off and pick-up. 
  • A clear sidewalk will lead all students to the main front entry.  
  • The circular drive in front of the main entry will be closed to vehicular traffic during drop-off or pick up and dedicated to student pedestrian traffic.  


Site Parking 

  • The CECI site parking spaces and meets all accessibility guidelines. Parking is designated for visitors, faculty/staff, and CEC families and students. 
  • Fall 2020 parking counts are as follows: 
      • Visitor Parking = 10 spaces 
      • HC Parking = 8 spaces including van 
      • Faculty Parking = 115 spaces 
      • Leadership Parking = 4 spaces 
      • Student Parking = 247 spaces 
  • Visitors and volunteers will park in Faculty parking during 20-minute drop-off and pick-up time. 
  • Disabled parking and drop-off will be accessible at all times. If a Disabled person arrives on site or wishes to depart the site during drop-off or pick-up, they will be guided to/from the front entry and HC parking spaces by the CEC traffic management staff in yellow safety vests. 
  • CEC students are not typically issued parking permits. If students are parking in any space other than a student designated space, they are verbally reprimanded. If a student repeatedly fails to comply with the TMP the student will not be permitted to drive to CEC Inverness.   


CECI families can learn more about our transportation option by clicking the Transportation link under the Student/Parent tab. There, you will find information about: 

  • CECI Bus Services 
  • CECI RTD Public Transit Options 
  • CECI SafeStop 
  • CECI Way-to-Go Carpool Program 


CECI will enforce driveline and parking rules of the Traffic Management Plan through clear communication with families utilizing graphic map diagrams and a clear outline of the TMP expectations. Off-site Drop-off and Pick-up is not acceptable. Each family/student will sign a contract with CEC prior to enrollment in CEC Inverness school which expressly forbids off-site drop-off and pick-up and compliance with the TMP. Students and families must adhere to the TMP in order to continue to be a student at CEC Inverness. 


CECI plans to utilize ZoomX! to coordinate students waiting for pick up and arriving parents. If a student is not available, parents can wait in the west section of the parking lot and re-enter the driveline when tier student is ready for pick-up. 


CECI has cultivated a relationship of cooperation and trust with our CECI families at our multiple Colorado campuses and can demonstrate a history of efficient and effective traffic management.  


Traffic Map