The School of College & Career Options

Student in classroomCEC Inverness is a tuition-free, public charter high school that meets students where they are academically and guides them along the path towards their goals. We know that education is not one size fits all. CEC Inverness has several learning options and pathways that are as unique as the students we serve.
College Options
Clipart of diplomaThrough our partnerships with local community colleges, CEC Inverness can offer over 100 different degrees and certificates.
Career Options
molecule iconOn-campus, CEC Inverness has four career pathways in high-growth fields including Health Sciences, Business, Information Technology, and STEM. Once a student completes the four courses they can earn an industry-recognized certificate.
Homeschool Options
Clipart of HouseThere are three homeschool options that are designed to supplement and complement your home instruction. This includes on-campus part-time, on-campus enrichment, and My-Tech-High (Online enrichment courses).
College Direct Options
Clipart of CollegeThis offers students the ability to attend classes directly on the college campus of one of our 11 community college and university partners.
Accelerated Online Option
Clipart of computerThrough our partnership with Snow College, students have an opportunity to complete an entire Associate's Degree through a competency-based online program.